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Posted by on February 24, 2015

You  need to be in YELLOW BASE  to enter this competition !! 

Go to the link below and read the book, then answer the following questions about the story in Comments. The first person who answers the questions correctly will win a small prize!!

 Click here

1. Who was the leader of the Swamp Gang?

2. What was the practical joke the Swamp Gang played one night?

3. How did Tyrone learn his lesson?

4. What would you do to stop Tyrone being a bully?


3 Responses to COMPETITION!!!

  1. Areeba yellow 3

    1)Tyrone was the leader of the swamp gang.
    2)They put soap powder in the public fountain.
    3)His plan backfired and he fell for his own prank, then he had to wear dipers, no body wanted to be like him then.
    4) Teach him a lesson, that he will never forget, it might be hard but ever heard of where theres a will theres a way? Well I think it would definetely be a will of teaching Tyrone a leason because he is a bully, I dont like bullies.
    I hope I got the questions right.


    1. The leader was Boland.
    2. They put soap in the fountain.
    3. Tyrone fell in the lava rocks.
    4. I would tell the adults or tell him that bullying is bad.

  3. Husna Kausar

    1. Nikini was sad because it was her mums birthday tomorrow.
    2. She wanted to get a beautiful gift for her mother.
    3. Although,she couldn’t find anything nice for her mother so a firefly flu past her window and he asked her ‘why are you in the bedroom’.
    4. Nikini replied’because it’s my mums birthday tommorow and I can’t find a gift for her’.

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