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General News

ECaR News

In the last few months I have been trying to include more children in the ECaR programme. It means that some of the tried out and successful strategies supporting children’s learning to read were used not just with the individual children but with the  small groups of children as well. It has been a challenging … Continue reading »

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10 Tips on Hearing Your Child Read:  1. Choose a quiet time Set aside a quiet time with no distractions. Ten to fifteen minutes is usually long enough. 2. Make reading enjoyable Make reading an enjoyable experience. Sit with your child. Try not to pressurise if he or she is reluctant. If your child loses … Continue reading »

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How Reading is Taught Reading can be taught in a combination of ways: The Look and Say method (sometimes known as the Whole Word or Sight method) where a child learns to recognise a word by sight through looking at it a number of times. The Whole Sentence method is similar to Look and Say … Continue reading »

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I was so impressed with the standard of entries that I have  decided that: if you are: TAHIYA  from Yellow 3                        ASHLYN  from Yellow3                          ANGAD  from Yellow 2       and           OLTA  from Yellow 1 YOU ARE THE  WINNER!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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COMPETITION TIME AGAIN!!!  As before the competition is open to children in Yellow Base. To win a prize you have to read the e-book and then construct three sentences from the story. They will appear as the sentence puzzles. The winner’s name will be drawn from all the correct entries and I will let you know … Continue reading »

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The Sentence Puzzle

In the ECaR lessons children write a short story and make it into a sentence puzzle. They reconstruct the sentence, re-read it and take it home to try to do it independently.

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Words for Life

Dear Parents! If you want to find out how  to encourage your child to read, how to help with reading and activities to try at home … CLICK  HERE !    

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Competition Results

Thank you Areeba and Tahiya from Yellow 3 for your entries! Hope you have enjoyed reading the story. Tahiya,  all your answers except the first one are correct. Well done!! But you Areeba got all of them right and you were the first to post your comment so you are the WINNER!!!!   CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will … Continue reading »

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You  need to be in YELLOW BASE  to enter this competition !!  Go to the link below and read the book, then answer the following questions about the story in Comments. The first person who answers the questions correctly will win a small prize!!  Click here 1. Who was the leader of the Swamp Gang? 2. … Continue reading »

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Reading lots of books

In each lesson  every child reads 2 or 3 books that they have read before. Reading familiar books improves confidence, reinforces known vocabulary and brings enjoyment to reading as it’s usually successful.  

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